Energy Efficiency

Well-designed energy efficiency upgrades are a great investment. Reducing energy

usage can significantly reduce your operating costs and help to counteract the impact

of ever increasing energy prices. There are many variable factors but in most cases the

payback is just a few years, leaving many years of trouble free life for the savings to

go straight to the bottom line. There are many companies advertising all sorts of energy efficiency bargains, how do you tell the good from the mediocre. Our recommendation is to avoid the big ad campaigns and deal with an local trained Energy Efficiency Specialist, someone who will give you personal service, a custom solution, and a meaningful warranty. 


Efficiency Pathways

Energy Efficiency Pathways There are a number of ways homes and businesses can become more energy efficient. The most immediate and economical is to convert to LED lighting combined with automation. By minimising energy use it is possible to reduce your energy costs to a very low level.


Minimising Energy Use –LED Conversions

LED upgrades can be as simple as a one for one replacement where the existing lighting design is providing an adequate lighting solution. This is where the existing luminaires are swapped out for the most direct LED replacement.

In circumstances where the current lighting design is not adequate, or where an assurance is required that the plan will provide lighting levels that meet the Australian Standard, Maco electrics can provide a review by a qualified designer at a concessional rate. This review will confirm the suitability of the one for one proposal or provide an alternative one.


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Example of Payback-Potential saving graph

Example of Payback-Potential saving graph

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The relationship between Lumex Enerspec and Maco Electrics is a very balanced one. Enerspec provides training and support, and access to a range of quality products; products that are not only among the most efficient, but that also present great value, and are backed by credible warranty programs. 

On the other side, we’d much rather support local electricians than expensive advertising campaigns and budget installers. Our reputation is based on our performance in the professional market and so our sales strategies are aimed at relationship programs with professional trades people.


Maco offer a large range of residential option for Energy efficiency. Changing from dichroic downlight to LED can reduce consumption by up to 80 percent. 

With a operating life 10x longer than standard lamps you can be sure of saving on both energy usage and maintenance. 

change overs start at 47.50+gst per fitting for removal of old fitting,supply and installation of new LED light.

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